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By: Jerome Lawrence, Robert E. Lee

This courtroom drama is based on the 1925 Scopes "Monkey Trial," in which a Tennessee teacher was charged with teaching that man evolved from apes, instead of state-mandated Creationism. The drama contains a powerful confrontation between a character based on William Jennings Bryan, who believes only what he reads in the Bible, and another based on Clarence Darrow, who defends science and open intellectual inquiry. This is the play that has as its genesis in the events of the famous Scopes trial. One of the most outstanding dramas of our time.  The portrait it draws of an explosive episode in American culture, vigorously written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, remains as fresh as it ever was. One of the most stirring plays in recent years retains its folk flavor and spiritual awareness.

Audition Dates:
January 3 and 4, 2016
7:00pm at the Lake Worth Playhouse

No appointment needed.

Director: Clayton Phillips

Please prepared a one minute monologue, keep it mind this is a drama.  You may also be asked to read from the script. 

Cast List:
This is a large cast play, some parts will be doubled.

Matthew Harrison Brady (age: 40+), a three-time presidential candidate and nationally known attorney. He is a Populist and still a dynamic public speaker

Henry Drummond, another nationally known attorney who was once Brady's closest friend and political confidante. He is about the same age as Brady.

Bertram "Bert" Cates, a Hillsboro high school teacher in his 20s who has taught the theory of evolution in violation of a state law banning its teaching in classrooms.

E. K. Hornbeck, a reporter for the fictional Baltimore Herald newspaper. He is young, sarcastic, cynical, and deeply opposed to religious belief.

Rachel Brown, the Rev. Brown's daughter. She is 22 and the colleague/romantic interest of Bertram Cates. Her loyalties are torn between her father and Cates, and she is easily manipulated by others.

Reverend Jeremiah Brown, a fundamentalist Protestant Christian preacher of indeterminate denomination who believes in Biblical literalism He is widowed, and has a daughter.

The Judge, a local county court judge who is subtly sympathetic to Rev. Brown's views.

Howard Blair, a 13-year-old high school student who was in Bertram Cates' class.

Melinda Loomis, a 12-year-old girl who believes strongly in the Bible.

Tom Davenport, the local district attorney who prosecutes Bertram Cates.

The Mayor, the top elected official of Hillsboro who is openly supportive of the Rev. Brown but also deeply political and concerned about the economic future of his town.

There are also a number of minor speaking roles. These include Meeker, a bailiff at the Hillsboro courthouse; Mrs. Sarah Brady, Matthew Harrison Brady's wife; Mrs. Krebs, a loudly outspoken supporter of Rev. Brown and leader of the Ladies' Aid Society; Mr. Bannister, a local citizen; Elijah, an illiterate man from the nearby woods who sells Bibles to the crowd; Harry Esterbrook, a radio reporter from Chicago; Jesse Dunlap, a local farmer; George Sillers, an employee at the feed store; and the Storekeeper, Sillers' employer.


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