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ELDERLY - dir. Giorgi Tkemaladze  Georgian Republic  30 min

The film describes Georgian small village, where only elderly people live, because the place is the conflict zone, the elderly are the prisoners of the small village . This is Georgia and Georgian reality. with big love there also is an enormous pain. They have only each other .the film shows how they take care and how they respect their feelings.

I AM - dir. Grzegorz Paprzycki  23 min

A couple goes on a journey across the French Alps. Apart from beautiful landscapes, they share views on topics related to faith and the creation of the world.


LET OTHER EYES LOOK AT YOU - dir. Fabio Leone  Italy   17:28


STRICKEN - dir. Malik Al-Zuhairi Iraq   3:18

The film highlights the plight of the beleaguered mental illness and how to deal with Iraqi society

LIKE MY FATHER BEFORE ME - dir. Aaron Ellis  UK  11:09

Inspired by a ten-year-old's perspective of schizophrenia. This is the first installment in the 'I Invoke Neurosis' poetry film collection by Aaron Ellis.





ART OF DROWNING - dir. Christopher Oh, FLORIDA  20:43

A group of friends spend one last night together before they go their separate ways for college.

MAN CARD - dir. Jesse Veliz FLORIDA

A teenager gets his man card taken away and is forced to do ridiculous tasks to get it back.

SURREALIST'S DIALOGS -  dir.  Elena Bulycheva RUSSIA   9 min


Old friends clash on the high seas during World War I when German submariners on the UB-2 struggle to survive the English Channel and a pursuing British submarine, the HMS C-2, determined to sink them. Based upon a true story...





A GIRL LIKE HER - dir. Ann Fessler USA  47:30

A GIRL LIKE HER reveals the hidden history of over a million young women who became pregnant in the 1950s and 60s and were banished to maternity homes to give birth, surrender their children, and return home alone. They were told to keep their secret, move on and forget. But, does a woman forget her child?

The film combines footage from educational films and newsreels of the time period about dating, sex, “illegitimate” pregnancy, and adoption—that both reflected and shaped the public’s understanding of single pregnancy during that time—with the voices of these mothers as they speak today, with hindsight, about the long-term impact of surrender and silence on their lives.


LEFT ON PEARL - Susie Rivo & 888 Women's History Project USA  55 min

 Documentary about a highly significant but little-known event in the history of the women's lmovement, the 1971 takeover and occupation of a Harvard University-owned building by hundreds of Boston area women. The ten-day occupation of 888 by women demanding a Women’s Center ande housing for the community in which the building stood, embodied within it many of the hopes, triumphs, conflicts and tensions of Second Wave feminism. One of the few such takeovers by women for women, this action was transformative for the participants, and to the of the longest continuously operating Women's Center in the U.S.








300 RISE TO RECOVERY - dir. Manny Mendez  36 min

The powerful and inspiring new documentary from Foreel. Rise to Recovery tells the story of Foreel and it's community outreachroots. Starring Manny Mendez, Isaac Rivera, Mark Sanchez and Vic James. Directed by NYCEFLix.

CHAOS IN CONGERVILLE - dir. Debra Robert   26 min

In order to save his tenure, a university professor must disprove the 'Butterfly Theory' of Chaos at a conference. On his way, a blown out tire leaves him stranded in the town of Congerville. Desperate to get to the conference, he must appeal to the colorful characters that inhabit this small town to help him get back on the road. What ensues are a comic series of events which can only be defined... as chaos.

ROTTEN MANGOS - dir. Michael Eldon Lobsinger  38 min.

Eddie Mango and his younger brother, Danny Mango, have not seen each other for 22 years. Danny, who owns a limousine company, meets up with his homeless brother in an alleyway. The troublesome brothers try to find a starting point between them to reconnect their loving brotherhood relationship after it was ruined back in 1993.







TATTLETALE CORPSE - dir. Ray & Migdalia Etheridge FLORIDA 68 min.

If you could speak to a corpse one last time, what would you say?


FATHER'S DAY - dir. Joe Pisciotto FLORIDA  27:31

For children who lose their parents to death or a military deployment, there's a level of sympathy and understanding.
When a child loses a parent because the parent is serving time, that level of empathy just doesn't exist.

MY TIME TO GO   dir. Aaron Ellis   UK  5:01

My Time to Go presents the event of suicide in an honest light. This is the second installment in the 'I Invoke Neurosis' poetry film collection by Aaron Ellis.





CHASING CORAL - dir.  Jeff Orlowski  USA  93 min.


Coral reefs are the nursery for all life in the oceans, a remarkable ecosystem that sustains us. Yet with carbon emissions warming the seas, a phenomenon called “coral bleaching”—a sign of mass coral death—has been accelerating around the world, and the public has no idea of the scale or implication of the catastrophe silently raging underwater.

Luscious, revelatory underwater cinematography.  Documents the threat to the planet's precious living asset.






Bones of Contention" explores the theme of historical memory in Spain, focusing on the repression of lesbians and gays under Franquismo. What happened to LGBT people during the Franco regime? This film uncovers their stories and breaks their silence for the first time. Lining the roads of Spain, masked by miles and miles of pine trees, are unmarked graves in which over a hundred twenty thousand victims of the Franco regime are buried. Today the families of the disappeared lead a grassroots effort to uncover and identify the bones of their loved ones. Invisible to the eye but hyper-visible in the mind, these mass graves of Spain's missing persons are an apt metaphor for the historical memory conundrum. How does a country excavate a past that is actively suppressed? The film's two thematic strands - the historical memory movement's campaign to uncover the past (literally and figuratively) and the search for the hidden lives of lesbians and gays under Franco - are connected through the figure of Spain's most famous poet, Federico García Lorca, who was killed by a right-wing firing squad in the first few weeks of the Spanish Civil War. He has become the symbol for both the historical memory movement and the LGBT movement today. This documentary essay ruminates on the theme of historical memory, unearths the untold story of LGBT experience under Franco, and considers how the historical memory movement in Spain serves as a site of struggle and resistance against official narratives.





TITICUT FOLLIES - dir. Frederick Wiseman USA 84 min

Frederick Wiseman made his documentary debut with this controversial 84-minute survey of conditions that existed during the mid-'60s at the State Prison for the Criminally Insane in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Made in 1967, the film was subjected to a worldwide ban until 1992 because the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that it was an invasion of inmate privacy. The film goes behind the walls to show stark and graphic images exposing the treatment of inmates by guards, social workers, and psychiatrists. The title refers to a musical revue staged by inmates and guards. Richard Schickel, writing in Life, stated, "The repulsive reality revealed in Titicut Follies forces us to contemplate our capacity for callousness." The documentary was cited as the "Best Film Dealing with the Human Condition" at the 1967 Festival Dei Popoli (Florence) and also honored as the "Best Film" at the 1967 Mannheim International Filmweek. Robert Coles (The New Republic) wrote, "After a showing of Titicut Follies the mind does not dwell on the hospital's ancient and even laughable physical plant, or its pitiable social atmosphere. What sticks, what really hurts is the sight of human life made cheap and betrayed." The story behind the complicated legal issues raised by this film and the attempts to suppress it are detailed by Carolyn Anderson and Thomas W. Benson in their book, Documentary Dilemmas: Frederick Wiseman's "Titicut Follies"

This 50th anniverary restoration of Frederick Wiseman's ground breaking documentary, his 1st film, will be followed on Oct 6 -12 with the theatrical screening at the Stonzek Theater of Wiseman's latest work, EX LIBRIS.  an exploration of the New York Public Library. Mr. Wiseman will do a skype Q&A after 1 of the EX LIBRIS screenings (date to be announced),

A rare chance to see the opening and latest addition to the 50 year career of a cinema genius.






SECRET SWEETS   dir. Aaron Ellis   UK  9:53

An eight-year-old boy narrates his brother's drug abuse and father's violence through poetry. This is the third installment in the 'I Invoke Neurosis' poetry film collection by AaronEllis

REBIRTH -  dir.  Satya Narayan Shrestha NEPAL  30 min.

Punarjanma ( Rebirth ) is a movie based on a true story during the insurgency period of Nepal, many soldiers, policemen and rebels lost their life, many escaped and returned back and many disappeared.
Punarjanam is based on real life story in which Amar who was in Nepali Army and severing the country during the Civil war. There was combat between Maoist and Army in which Amar got kidnapped by Maoist and been in custody of them. During the combat Amar's friend happen to wear his Uniform and got engaged in combat. He died and Amar got kidnapped. After that people found the body of Amar's friend but could not recognize his friend and assumed that its Amar's dead body and hand over the dead body to Amar's Family. Aamar's Family excepted that Amar is no more and did the cremation. On the other side Amar was alive and was in in custody of Maoist. Some how he managed to escape from them and went to home where he found out that every one is excepted that he dead and his Family is hopeless. when he showed up to his house every one got socked and happy that he is alive however he was not allowed to entered the house because the priest of the Village
has mention his family that he is dead according to Hindu cremation Rituals and in order to get back to his Normal life he has to Reborn again and spend 9 day in a Mud pot according to Ritual and Get married again also. than only he will be accepted as Amar. So Amar Has to go Through the all rituals and even get married again with his wife.

GOLDEN BREAM - dir. Konopkin Yuriy    RUSSIA   23:39

Young “secular nun” Elena goes on pilgrimage to holy places of Russia in the hope of healing her mental disorder. Feeling her
Guardian-Angel’s invisible protection, the girl enjoys her fascinating journey which is smooth sailing, without any difficulties, troubles, and woes. However having found herself in mystical cold Petersburg, at the eve of Christmas, Elena encountered a chain of mysterious events. Genre of the film is tragicomedy.

HOMES   dir. Henry Sweitzer  USA   12:16

Documentary on a boy and his family who constantly move from home to home and how it effects each family member.

FALLING dir. Jemma van Loenen  Australia 10 min.

This day is the day; today she leaves her past; tomorrow is a new day. What Nastasia finds in tomorrow she could never dream of.



HOME dir. Joshua Costea  Canada  7:41

Abby, a time traveler, came to this world in search for a place to call it home. Alienated by the people surrounding her, she fights the urge to go back to her past.


DREAMER  dir. Malek Sata IRAQ  8:48

The story of a young dreamer whose dreams have been shattered by the poverty and destitution created by the wars in Iraq

SEEK dir. Joshua Morgan  FLORIDA  1:49 min.

A teenage boy playing a harmless game of hide and go seek, encounters a malevolent spirt.


JADED  dir.  Gabe Braden   USA 15 min.

Three actors at different stages of their career deal with their history and hopes for the future, as they audition for the role of a lifetime.

TOY SOLDIERS dir. Cynthia Morrison  LAKE WORTH    15 min.

Walter Lake decides to visit the military museum in Paris. Little does he know that he shall cross paths with the phantom of Marie Antoinette

METAMORPHOSIS  dir. Alex Penate   LAKE WORTH    12:02

AMPHORA FALLS  dir. Wally Lurz   LAKE WORTH    6:30




ETERNALLY CHILD  dir. Lornena Sopi   KOSOVO  10:10 min

Moni, a ten year-old boy, lives with his father Xhema in great poverty. During a fatal meal, his father Xhema accidentally kills his son. All his life he will live cursed, blaming himself for what happened. In his last days, when he is very old, Xhema returns to the house where the tragedy happened to ask forgiveness of his son in order to release his soul and be able to pass away.

CITIZEN   dir. Marc Nadal    SPAIN    14:30 min.

The lack of jobs leads citizens into an emergency situation that pits them against each other. In the face of violence and injustice citizens like Noe suffer from the absence of effective laws.

MESTEKA & REHAN -  dir Dina Abd Elsalam EGYPT 60 min.

Mesteka, a seventy-year old Moslem widow, and Rehan, a sixty-seven year old Christian widower, are neighbours. Their busy children hardly ever visit them now. Mesteka and Rehan get used to monotony, loneliness, and isolation and fashion their lives accordingly,until tragedy gives way to comedy.

Touching, humane characterization of delightful story. Wonderful performances





DREAMS & NIGHTMARES -  dir. Chris Hale  KURDISTAN  25:15


Shot in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Dreams & Nightmares looks at the story behind a vote on independence, and uncovers the heartbreaking reasons the Kurds want a country of their own. Terrifying and thought provoking, Dreams & Nightmares reveals the horror the Kurds endured during decades of murderous subjugation. Featuring emotional interviews and distressing footage, Dreams & Nightmares is not for the faint of heart, but this compelling and sometimes very disturbing film is also one of hope and happiness.


A FRIDAY NIGHT -  dir. Bruno Cancio URUGUAY   15 min.

Diego and Matín, two strangers, find each other on a friday night. Both are suffering a moment of bewilderment. Inadvertently, through a strange conversation, they will speak of their sorrows and rethink their partner issues.

SECURITY -  written by Israel Horovitz  USA   20:09

Powerful dramatization of an airport security interrogation




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